Who is Going to be the Champion of This Marathon?

The music shows on TV are broadcast to many countries and presented to the global public. The candidates who apply to music competitions such as American Idol, X-Factor or The Voice, are followed by millions of people from all around the world. Episode by episode, the contestants’ progress is monitored both by their coaches and by the fans, worldwide. Therefore, it is essential for a contestant to be reachable and presentable to the viewers. Having a talent for singing alone is not enough to be the champion of this highly tough marathon. Most of the time, the fans of different contestants, bet on the winner.

It is quite simple and easy to support your own candidate in the music show, and make a bet just like using Spin Palace App, offered mostly in digital application stores for iOS or Android smartphones. The public polls, asking questions about the performances of the candidates for that night of the show, are offered via social media apps on smartphones. Therefore, it is easy to make your choice, support your candidate, or read the most recent comments about the music competition, via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, under the relevant hashtag.

How to Guess the Winner of the Music Show

It is not easy to guess the champion of the music competition on TV. Appearance and personality add to the talent of the contestants and can place one of them ahead of the others. Here is a short list of how you can guess, and bet, on the possible champion of the competition:

  • The winner needs to be consistent with his or her success. All the songs that he or she sings should be flawless, or near flawless, but full of emotion
  • The champion needs to be promising for the future
  • The champion should bring a unique life story with them so that they can distinguish themselves from the others. This story should be real and touching