Thinking of Impossible? There is No Impossible in Canadian Cinema

In recent years, Canadian show business on tv expands enormously with the increasing number of singing competitions and acting contests. All stars discovered throughout these competitions are technically mentored and monitored either by the representatives of the music industry or cinema sector in Canada. Therefore, the new talents who are discovered by tv shows remain in the relevant sectors and receive an appraisal for their work. Just like the growing music sector, the movie making industry is also welcoming new talents in pre-production, casting, shooting and post-production as well. This encourages all members of the Canadian society to discover their inner talent and work hard to make a difference. Lastly, an 11-year-old filmmaker Robbie Macartney who is attending Sheepdog Animation School Waterloo has won 6 awards in different categories. Therefore, it is a fact that if the younger generations are encouraged to apply their talent and they can prove their skills and bring success to Canada.

Canadian cinema sector keeps several genres alive one at a time. However, there are specific genres of cinema and recent Canadian talents can attract more investors and producers from all around the world. Here is a short list of emerging genres of cinema in Canada.

  • Canadian Experimental Movies:

Being able to depict what has considered as cruel, unacceptable or mean are just what has been called as normal for this genre. No rules or expectations are valid. Deco Dawson, Dominik Pagacz, Julie Tremble, Simone Rapisarda Casanova, and Matthew Rankin are all young cinema talents in Canada.

  • Canadian Documentary Movies:

The genre of documentary became so popular in the recent years. In Canada, Zev Asher, Jacques Bensimon, Luc Côté, Paul-Émile d’Entremont and Hubert Davis are only some admirable cinema talents

  • Canadian Animation Movies:

Depending pretty much on imagination, the world of ideas and the drawing capabilities, Canadian animators are famous. John Kricfalusi, Dan Lee (creator of Nemo) and Georges Dufaux are among the emerging talents of Canada.