The Hottest Music Shows And Performances In Canada

Besides good music, Canadian cities also have a rich lineup of film screening, awards shows, and comedy events enough to fill your next summer outing. So, where are all the lively music shows and performances happening?

The annual Big Valley Jamboree festival brings together leading DJs and musicians from North America. The weekend-long music event has been happening since 1992 and has been graced by the mighty and lovely of the music world.

The annual Boots and Hearts music festival is fashioned as a camping festival that attracts music fans in their thousands. Make plans to reach there early as the thousands of festivities can hinder you from seeing the best of the music world up close.

Pomp, color, and countryside surroundings make the Shambhala Music Festival a fans’ favorite. The festival lasts an endearing four days that are filled with pomp, music, and beautiful countryside dishes to boot. You can’t visit once and fail to return a second time.

If you miss on the chance to visit the Shambhala Music Festival, the Snowbombing music shows make a nice alternative to check out. Held by the slopes of the magical Sun Peaks, this festival creates a joyous mix of music, color, and networking events. With the 2018 festivities over, you can start planning for the next edition.

The festivities were founded to bring a touch of the European style festivities to Canada. While organizers had only planned for a single weekend event, it’s popularity saw organizers add a second and third weekend to cater for metal and EDM music genre lovers.

Your summers don’t have to be dull with all the performances and music festivities on offer. If you haven’t visited any of these festivities, this is a perfect moment to start planning for it.