The Hidden Sponsors of Showbusiness: Casinos Can be?

Music shows and performance competitions on Canadian tv channels are exploring and discovering hundreds of new talents each year, either in music, performing or in visual arts. Presenting an awe-inspiring production both for the tv audience and the contestants, the production companies are handling a quite tough job each season. The first-sight auditions, singing in front of the judges, duels and the long road going to the quarter-finals for all contestants demand a great budget to be invested in this business. By giving sponsorships or offering wide concert venues for these costly tv productions, some casino groups financially and technically might help these tv shows. The most famous Canadian casinos can be found on and be further investigated in terms of the level of their support and contribution to showbusiness all around Canada.

The most famous casinos in Canada are attracting millions of visitors from all around the world each year. Sometimes, the visitors at the gambling facility witness the semi-finals of the singing competition if the production is taking place at a very comfortable casino resort hotel. It is quite possible for a guest staying at a casino resort hotel to meet with the contestants of a singing competition like The Voice, Rising Star or X-Factor. It is financially feasible for these productions to prefer a luxurious venue of a casino resort hotel for the grand final of the competition since this place would be very neatly designed or fully equipped with sound systems, acoustic arrangements and professional lights. This preference alleviates the burden on the shoulders of the production company and the organization team.

Here is a short list of Canada’s most famous casinos which international guests might see the contestants of a singing competition by chance:

  • Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls
  • St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino, British Columbia
  • Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino – Ontario
  • River Cree Resort and Casino – Alberta
  • River Rock Casino Resort – British Columbia