Music shows and performing competitions on tv are searching for new talents to present to the rest of the society along with the global public. Therefore it is important for a candidate in one of these very well known singing competitions or acting contests to show their skills and gain a certain audience among the people. Possessing a fan group or being in touch with fan pages can also help a nominee walk the path of turning into a star up until the finals of the competition.

Starting from 2003, Canada has gained so many talents in singing, dancing, acting, performing arts and visual arts due to music shows and competitions that are broadcasted on Canadian tv channels. These talents all became excellent examples for younger generations who would like to prove their talents in music or stage arts. The proven records of the winners of the competitions such as La Voix Canada, Canada’s Got Talent, Rising Star Canada and also the other competitions showed that if people are encouraged to show their talent and are assisted both in terms of PR, technical issues and networking, then they can dazzle like a star and bring this success back to their originated country: Canada.

Most recent Canada talents are discovered either by the acting/performing shows or singing competitions on tv. Here is a short list of competitions and winners who have proved their unique talent in front of the public:

  • CNE Rising Star Canada: Vianna & Vlad, Grand Champion of the Youth Competition, 2018.
  • CNE Rising Star Canada: Nathaniel Chua, Grand Champion, Junior Competition, 2018.
  • Canada’s Got Talent (2012): Sagkeeng’s Finest- Champion, June 2012. Sagkeeng’s Finest is a Manitoba-based dance troupe who gained great appraisal from the tv audience
  • CNE Rising Star Canada: Brooklyn Slade, 1st Runner-Up, Youth Competition, 2018
  • CNE Rising Star Canada, Stephanie Deshane, 2nd Runner-Up, Youth Competition, 2018
  • CNE Rising Star Canada: Isabella Tomaso, 1st Runner-Up, Junior Competition, 2018.