Each year TV channels offer a broad range of music shows and performance competitions to give a chance for those who are talented or gifted in singing and acting while presenting a fabulous harmony of art and talent for people watching and following these shows in front of their televisions. Among these song contests, La Voix Canada has unarguably the most prestigious place since the production possesses a huge influence upon the tv audience in Canada. The nominees that have a chance to sing their first song on La Voix stage while trying to convince at least one of the members of the judging committee, immediately attain a certain group of fans right after their first appeal on the stage. Therefore, not only the winners but all the contestants of La Voix Canada can be argued to possess a certain number of fans and followers already.

Starting in 2013, La Voix Canada has contributed to the first introduction and presentation of new talents in singing to the music sector. Here is a short list of the Canada talents who refurbished their talent in music and singing with La Voix Canada year by year:

  • 2013: Valérie Carpentier-winner and Charlotte Cardin-Goye finalist
  • 2014: Yoan Garneau- winner and Renee Wilkin finalist
  • 2015: Kevin Bazinet- winner and Angelike Falbo finalist
  • 2016: Stéphanie St-Jean- winner and Travis Cormier finalist
  • 2017: Ludovick Bourgeois- winner and Rebecca Noelle finalist
  • 2018: Yama Laurent- winner and Miriam Baghdassarian finalist

In addition to these talents, La Voix Canada has been contributing to the discovery of new talents among kids and youth as well. La Voix Junior explores the early talents in music and singing so that these kids can be educated very well for the future. In 2016, Charles Kardos and Brenden McGowan were discovered as new talents. In 2017, Sydney Lallier and Silya Kacel were appreciated for their talent in music while being on the finals of La Voix Juniors.