With the increasing impact of social media on younger generations, Canadian youth started to prefer showing their skills and capabilities on various visual channels rather than simply being a school kid. Nowadays, the number of Youtubers, young social media experts and vloggers increase drastically in comparison with the older generations of Canada. With the enlarged internet access and social media capabilities, Canadian youth gained a greater tendency to promote themselves via video posting and blogging platforms online. This situation created an open demand from younger generations to be appreciated for their skills and talents. Not only youngsters but also middle-aged or elderly people of Canada pay great attention to the transformative power of visual communication channels and social media. The weekly TV shows present an elusive opportunity for those who would like to show their talent and receive appraisal from all around the country. Here is a short list of Canadian talent shows on TV and how they help people promote their skills and capabilities.

Discovering New Canadian Talents? Not That Difficult Anymore

Canadian TV channels help new Canada talents to be discovered while hosting TV programmes on various talents including playing music, singing, comedy, acting, gymnastics, illusion, dance performances, and storytelling. Here is a short list of TV programmes which contribute significantly to the discovery of new Canada talents each year:

  • La Voix:

Starting from 2013 to present, this singing competition has discovered hundreds of Canadian talents in music. The young Canadian talents such as Valérie Carpentier, Yoan Garneau, Kevin Bazinet, Stéphanie St-Jean, Ludovick Bourgeois and Yama Laurent are discovered and presented to Canadian public as new talents.

  • Canadian Idol:

Applies the British format of Pop Idol, discovered so many talented people in singing between 2003 and 2008.

  • Canada’s Got Talent:

All type of shows and choreographies are welcomed as soon as people are openly showing what they have the talent for. Dancing, jumping, painting, making humor are all included.