The impact of visual arts and show business on the cognitive perceptions of people is becoming more intense each and every day. Therefore, it is easier and more convenient for the new talents in the music sector to show their skills in singing and performing via music shows on television.

The very existence of the music competitions on television should be perceived as a great opportunity for people who would like to prove their music quality at international level as well. It is almost quite certain that once a singer stars at one of the influential and successful music shows on tv, he/she could be known by the global audience in a very short time period. This is because the music shows on tv are showing different aspects of the contestants on each episode and in a very short time period, global public gets to know the contestants with all their characteristics and skills in music. Then the most admired candidates become semi-famous, possessing so many videos either on the show or on social media platforms, reaching millions of people from all around the world.

Most Influential Music Shows on TV for Canada

The music shows that are broadcasted especially in the USA, Canada and the UK became so influential on the other formats created for the other countries. Here is a short list of most powerful and influential music shows on Canadian TV, which can also be considered as an opportunity for candidates to show their talents in singing and live performances:

  • The Launch: Newly developed Canadian music competition. Distinct format applied.
  • X- Factor: Continues to be powerful.
  • The Voice: Continues to be influential.
  • American Idol: One of the most powerful singing competitions ever in North America.
  • L’École des fans (legendary): Musical Show aired on TV
  • Bathroom Divas (legendary): Opera competition, the winner performs in front of a world-class orchestra.