Financial Institutions Supporting the Arts

There are many financial institutions throughout Canada that serve many different purposes. The majority of these are thriving in their business and most are intent on giving back to their communities.

Bridging the Gap

Some of the banks in Canada do business on the world stage. Which means when they are setting support programs in place some of these programs may extend beyond the Canadian boarders. One of many programs that deserve mention is the RBC Foundation: that is most pleased to have announced that there was a donation made through this entity of $7.66MM during 2016. This provided funding to 500 organizations committed to the arts throughout the world, which include supporting organizations as well as artists that are in the music genre.

Canadian Opera Company

The Canadian Opera Company is an entity that is highly recognized in the Canadian music industry. One of their mandates, besides providing exceptional music entertainment, is to mentor young music artists. They do this through a program called the Ensemble Studio Program. It is the must go to training program for those young artists that are aspiring to have a career in opera. The RBC Foundation very early on recognized the great need for this studio program and has been most pleased to offer their support. A three-year program means participants get to learn from the best and participate in a variety of different types of instructions, that includes both vocal and theatrical.

Plus, Many More!

The Canadian Opera Company is just one wonderful example that the RBC Foundation has played a part in. Some of the others are;

  • 500 Festival Corporation
  • Niagara Symphony
  • Orchestra London Canada

There are many clients that do business with the RBC that may not realize the impact that this banking institution is having on the music industry.