Canadian Film and Music Industry Flourish Thanks to New Talents

Each year the number of tv shows about acting and singing increases in Canadian tv channels. The younger generations of Canada show a great demand for music competitions, singing contests and performance shows on tv. This is because by only showing their talent on tv channels via reality shows and music programmes, they can reach the immense number of followers. Just like the number of new talents discovered in music, Canada continues to thrive by the new talents in cinema and movie sector. Several producers have turned their attention on Toronto and Montreal since there is a great number of talent agencies, trying to find best talents for the positions on Netflix series or Hollywood movies. Therefore, a new generation of Canadian filmmakers is approaching the stage while helping the country enormously in flourishing in performing arts, music, and cinema.

Here is a short list of young Canadian talents who have already proven themselves in the movie sector and who are expected to lead the way for the next generations in Canada:

  • Bretten Hannam: Hannam’s North Mountain made this talent distinguished from all others. Fantastical childhood memories are combined with the wilderness of nature in his work.
  • Andrew Cividino: His star dazzled with Cannes Film Festival 2015 with Sleeping Giant. After that he became a verified new talent in Toronto International Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival and the Canadian Screen Awards.
  • Karen Chapman: Her extraordinary documentary, Walk Good, made Karen famous among all others. She perfectly combines the weird parts of daily life while using metaphors in various scenes. Gained appraisal from tv audience recently.
  • Chelsea McMullan: Her discussions on cinema practices made her famous in National Canadian Film Day.
  • Ashley McKenzie: She took the attention of American producers with her essays on cinema and her debut film Warewolf.
  • Michelle Latimer: She has proven her talent with the documentary series, Rise, which has been debuted in Sundance Film Festival.