Before and After Canadian Idol: The Sector is Enlarging

Based on the original version from Britain, Pop Idol, Canadian Idol created a phenomenon of a platform which talented people in music are discovered and further supported to prove their talent in front of the tv audience. Each contestant is perceived as a unique talent while a worldwide known artist or a singer mentor them along with the technical crew. The success of Canadian Idol has encouraged other producers and TV channels to take a chance on new talents in music and performing arts. Therefore, the number of reality shows that are structured as a singing competition or acting contest increased dramatically in the recent years.

The younger generations of Canada pay great attention to the scope and the requirements of these tv shows. Following the path of Canadian Idol, here is a short list of other singing or acting competitions open for participants from all across Canada:

  • Hidden Talent Canada: Canada’s Top Vocal Coach, Laura Cavacece, helps to find new talents of Canada each year. While educating and assisting these talents on tv, she collaborates with James Nickle(Co-organizer) and Craig McRae(Host). This competition is offering its 12th season currently and has done well.
  • Open Mic Canada ”Voice”: Seeking the best talents of Canada, this competition has the claim of being the National talent competition which searches for Canada’s best singers & bands. The microphone is open to everyone, so the only thing you need to do is to catch an audition.
  • The Shot (Singing Competition): After hosting multiple seasons on TV, this competition follows the wind of Canadian Idol. Recently moving to Toronto, the Shot is calling for all distinctive voices of Canada.
  • CANIMEX – Canadian Music Competition: Calling all talents from diverse music branches, this competition stands as one of its kind. Enjoy the diversity in music and be inspired with the talents with different music backgrounds.
  • Opera de Montreal: Do you think your talent is in Opera? Then apply for this competition.