The legendary music competition X-Factor continues to discover young, and no-name talents from all around the world. Launched in more than 35 countries, X-Factor became a popular platform for those who would like to improve their abilities, with its immense media power, while being monitored and directed continuously by worldwide known stars in pop music. Who does not want to be a student of Britney Spears or Robbie Williams? Who does not wish to receive feedback from Simon Cowell or Ayda Williams? Who does not want to learn new strategies and tactics for using their voice and breathing from the technical crew of X-Factor? If you think that you have a unique style, which can make you a star in the long run, then don’t hesitate to apply for X-Factor in your own country.

How Did X-Factor Become Legendary?

The talented brain behind the idea of X-Factor, is the producer Simon Cowell, and his team, along with his company Syco Entertainment. As a very experienced, and multi-talented creator, Simon Cowell designed X-Factor, formerly in the UK, to be franchised to other countries as well. Seeking a distinguishing feature in every candidate, X-Factor stands for a unique quality of voice or a performing talent on the stage, or a successful combination of both. Therefore, the candidates who prove to have this unique X-Factor, are selected and mentored throughout the competition. The mentor of a candidate is usually a member of the judging committee. So, it is possible for a candidate to learn how to perform distinctively from Robbie Williams or Britney Spears. The judges have their own technical crew, which is formed from a broad range of professions, such as theatrical experts, fashion stylists, music teachers and curators.

X-Factor became legendary on the show business circuit for offering the possibility of working with the best and promoting new talent at the end of the competition.